Fontana Foundation is focusing on the following activities; this focus may change over time as we learn more about our work.

Entrepreneurship in agriculture

Set up and financing of a new company with the aim of creating jobs and successfully building a business that supports the farmers.

Vocational Training

We select and fund institutions that provide vocational training to the very poor. The training needs to be practical and aim at professional skills that provide the trainees with the basis for a qualified job and a sustainable income. The institutions should have a size of 100 to 1’000 students and be recognized for their quality in training.

We do not expect these funds to be paid back. Instead, we measure success by comparing the invested funds with the number of students that successfully graduate and find jobs. At a more mature stage we expect that the former graduates will pay back some of the costs they incurred.

CTAS, Bhutan Agricultural School, Veredinha

Essential Infrastructure

We support projects that improve the living conditions of poor communities by fulfilling their basic needs, like access to water, latrines, lighting, cooking facilities, etc. using ecological solutions.

We fund selected initiatives typically in communities of 500 to 2’000 inhabitants and operate in collaboration with local partners. Each project is expected to have a big impact in the area where it is deployed and the beneficiaries are expected to contribute to the new infrastructure and ensure maintenance for long term use.

Water tank, DECEN Khanh Xuan School, Vietnam Latrine, DESAP Amazonia, Peru
Anh Duong, Mekong Delta, Vietnam newTree, Djibo, Burkina Faso
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