Farming is the most important sector of Bhutan’s economy. A lucrative crop are potatoes, which are grown at an altitude of 2’500 meters above sea level. Potatoes are harvested between June and August, at a time when no new potatoes are available in India. We want to support the potato market in Bhutan so that the farmers will have a sustainable livelihood and Bhutan becomes famous for the quality of its potatoes.

Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) was established in 1999 by the Bhutanese artist Dasho Choki Dorji. The school offers economically disadvantaged children from across Bhutan the possibility of studying traditional arts at master level. Thanks to outside donations CTAS could evolve over the years.

Pakka is a company based in Zurich. The company has grown into a competent partner and service provider for organic and fair-trade specialty products from developing countries.

The state of Hiamachal Pradesh in the Northwest of India, and in particular Dharmsala, is home of displaced families from the poorest areas of India. They live in slums of up to 600 people, struggling to survive with begging and waste collection. Being out-of-state citizens they have no rights and no government support.

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